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Argumentative Speech :)

         People have different opinions on whether you should own
an exotic animal or not. People should own exotic animals. It would not only be a great learning experience, but it would be very convenient for many people.

         To begin with people should own exotic pets because it
would be a great learning experience. According to “Pet Healthy
Network” it states, “With their unique behaviors and complicated
social interactions, …they really can teach us all new sorts of
information.” For example, people don’t know what snakes eat,
so you could learn what they eat. Many people don’t want an
exotic animal because they are very hard to feed. As stated on ”Born Free USA” it states ”Exotic animals are hard to feed. Some people even have to buy the food for their pet at places that aren’t very safe.”

         Additionally, another reason people should own exotic pets
is you don’t need to do a lot of things that you should do for a dog
or cat. According to “Why do People Keep Exotic Animals” it
states, “Most exotic pets don’t need to be walked.” For example,
you don’t need to walk a turtle. Many people disagree because
they would like to walk their pets to do a physical activity. According to ”Exotic Pets are Dangerous to Our Health” it states ”Many people get pets so they could do something fun, not so they have them just to look at them.”

         In conclusion, people have many different opinions. People
should own exotic animals. One it would be a great learning
experience and two it would be convenient for many people.

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Do the right thing challenge :)


Adismary: Lisa’s friend that tries to help 

Isabella: Lisa’s friend that tries to help 

April: Lisa’s friend that tries to help 

Lisa: girl being bullied  

Mary: bully 

Mrs. Pazos: school counselor  


Scene 1 

(Occurs in the girl’s bathroom. April sees Lisa crying and asks what’s wrong. Lisa is getting bullied by another person. April takes Lisa to the school counselor.) 

April: **hears someone crying** Where is that coming from? **Walks into the girl’s bathroom** 

Lisa: **crying**  

April: **worried** Oh my gosh Lisa, what’s wrong? 

Lisa: Someone keeps bulling me. I’ve been getting bruises the past few weeks. **shows April her bruises** 

April: Why haven’t you told me? C’mon we’re going to the school counselor right now. And wait before we go, who is doing this to you? 

Lisa: Mary, but please don’t tell the principle! 

April: **confused** Why? 

Lisa: Because once you tell the principle she will get even more mad at me and after will bully me even more than she already does.  

April: Well I’m still taking you to the school counselor. 

Lisa: Okay fine. 

April: **walks Lisa to the counselor**  


Scene 2 

(occurs in the school counselor’s office. Mrs. Pazos, the school counselor, starts asking Lisa many important questions. ) 

Mrs. Pazos: Hi  

Lisa: Good morning 

Mrs. Pazos So tell me what’s wrong? 

Lisa: So there’s this girl that is bulling me. I don’t know what to do about it because I’m afraid.  

Mrs. Pazos: Would you like to tell me her name? Well, if you don’t mind.  

Lisa: Will it help if I told you? 

Mrs. Pazos: Yes it would. I would be able to talk to her too. I will make sure that she won’t bully you again.  

Lisa: okay, I guess I will tell you. Her name is Mary.  

Mrs. Pazos: By any chance do you know her last name?  

Lisa: I believe her last name is Garcia. 

Mrs. Pazos: Do you have any classes with her? 

Lisa: Yes I have math with her. 

Mrs. Pazos: Okay, thank you. I have a few questions that I would like to ask you.  

Lisa: Okay. 

Mrs. Pazos: How long has she been bulling you? 

Lisa: For about 4 months now.  

Mrs. Pazos: Oh wow! That’s a very long time. You weren’t planning on telling anybody? 

Lisa: No, I was afraid. 

Mrs. Pazos: well you have to tell people that’s the only way things are going to get resolved.  

Lisa: Okay next time I will definitely tell someone.  

Mrs. Pazos: Okay, next question. How has violence affected your life? 

Lisa: Well it definitely made me more shy and less confident. I feel like I can’t be myself anymore.  

Mrs. Pazos: **writes it down** Okay, next question. What are causes of youth violence? 

Lisa: Maybe because the person does not like you or is mad at you. 

Mrs. Pazos: **writes that down** okay last question. What could you do about youth violence?  

Lisa: Maybe if you tell a teacher or counselor, just like I told you, it would get resolved. Also, you can probably help someone if you see them getting bullied. 

Mrs. Pazos: Okay **writes that down** Thank you so much for answering my questions. Would you like for me to talk to Mary? 

Lisa: If you can, yes. Thank you so much. I definitely feel better. 

Mrs. Pazos: No problem, that is my job. Remember if you have any problems, just come to me. 

Lisa: Okay bye. 

Mrs Pazos: Bye! 


Scene 3 

(occurs in the hallway. April, Adismary, and Isabella start asking Lisa how it was going.) 

Adismary: How did it go? 

Isabella: April told us everything. 

Adismary and Isabella: Are you okay?! 

April: I hope the counselor made you feel better! 

Lisa: the counselor made me feel much better. 

**Principle says from the speaker, Mary Garcia please report to the counselor’s office immediately. ** 


Scene 4 

(Mary apologizes to Lisa) 

Mary: **walks out he counselor’s office door** Lisa I’m very sorry that I was acting like that. It’s that I wanted to become your friend so bad and I didn’t know how to express it.  

Lisa: It’s alright.  

Mary: No it’s not. 

Lisa: I still forgive you. 

Mary: How about we start fresh again? 

Lisa: Okay, I would like that.  

Mary: Hi I’m Mary.  

Lisa: Hi I’m Lisa. 

Mary: Would you like to become friends?  

Lisa: Yes I would like that.  

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My Music, My Ocean, Miami

The ocean is very precious to us,

Everyone wants to jam out to the beat and do the jig,

There’s so much to do, we can’t hush.


The waves crashing along the shore is an otinato,

The rythm is musc keeps us up-beat,

Slowly but surely the waves might grow,

Don’t ruin it for us and get us off-beat.


Just like dynamics in music,

There are levels in Miami,

Our pollution to the ocean is very abusive,

Lets try to keep our ocean nice and pretty.


Miami is what I call home,

Full of palm trees and sunshine,

What a beautiul place to roam.


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Baking is really fun to me, 

I get to be as creative as I want to be. 


I get to make cupcakes, cookies, and so much more, 

Deliciousness that I have been waiting for. 


Be careful when mixing your batter,  

It might get messy it might splatter. 


Chocolate cake is my favorite, 

It’s so good to me I savor it. 


As complicated as it may get, 

Always remember to let the icing set. 


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, 

So many colors to use, I don’t have a clue. 


My favorite part is the decoration, 

And once I’m done, I get to see my creation. 


When my masterpiece is all complete 

I relax, smile, and take a seat. 


Take a plate, 

Enjoy the cake.

donuts and bagel display
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Coyotes are common in many areas. They are located in plains, forests, mountains, desserts, and some live in tropical climates. Some are even found roaming the streets of New York and Los Angeles. Coyotes are afraid of humans, so they avoid human when they can. Therefore, it makes the coyotes not so dangerous to human society. The coyotes scientific name is Canis Lantrans.  

First of all, coyotes span from 55 to 60 million. They grow up to 32-37 inches and can weight up to 20-50 pounds. Some threats to the coyote’s existence are humans, bears, cougars, wolves, and mountain lions. Coyotes can live up to 14 years.  

Additionally, coyotes eat snakes, insects, fruits, grass and rabbit. Coyotes help control agricultural pests like spiders, worms, moths, caterpillars, bees, beetles, and roaches. Coyotes can run as fast as 40 miles per hour. Usually, when coyotes hunt, they will hunt in packs of three to four. Also, they usually sleep during the day and hunt at night. Coyotes howl to keep in touch with other coyotes. 

In conclusion, coyotes are very interesting animals. They can live in various places, eat many animals and plants, and run fast. Coyotes fear most humans, so that is good for most humans. Though they live a short life, they still learn a lot for 14 years. 

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Halloween Scary Story ☻

Once upon a time, three friends went trick-or-treating around 10 o’clock at night. The three friends passed by a house that looked haunted. They decided to go in. The friends had to go through several challenges inside the haunted house. Once they entered they could not exit until they completed all the challenges, or would they even be able to get out? The first challenge was that they had to go to a Halloween Costume Contest. Since they thought that was fun, they decided to do the other challenge which was the corn maze. They agreed on going to the corn maze but made a deal that they had to go separate ways. As one friend was walking she got kidnapped. The other friend walking in the opposite direction, fell into a deep, dark hole. The last friend saw a scary looking bloody monster around the corner. Luckily, she found a way to escape the monster. Ever since that day we have not heard about the other two friends.

This is the haunted house they decided to go to.night building forest trees


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How Smart Are Animals?

How Smart are Animals

How smart are animals? Sometimes I wonder that. After reading this source, I really do understand how smart some animals are and how some animals are not. “How Smart are Animals” was an entertaining story by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, but the main purpose was to inform us about animal intelligence.

First of all, in the story, Clever Hans was brought up. He would choose a color or number every time his owner would give him a certain sign. Everyone thought this was proof of animal intelligence. According to “How Smart are Animals” it states, “Many researchers then found out this was not animal intelligence, since it was being trained and the owner would give him snacks or treats to treat itself.”

Additionally, after a while someone finally said something to prove animal intelligence. A scientist was doing an experiment on a rat to see if the rat would find the cheese in the maze. He tried similar test to other animals. He found out this was actually animal intelligence. Since the rat could find the cheese in a very complicated maze it was proof of animal intelligence. The scientist tested an experiment on a horse similar to Clever Hans to see if the theory at first was true, it was.

In conclusion, now I understand how smart animals are. Reading this source helped me understand animal intelligence. Like Clever Hans, just because you are trained does not mean you are intelligent. The author’s purpose was to inform us about Clever Hans.

clever hans